MyDPRights, data protection made easy

Introducing MyDPRights, a secure web platform which enables companies and organisations to collect and process all external requests relating to GDPR.

Current situation

The General Data Protection Regulation will come into force on May 25th throughout the whole of Europe.

It will enable the harmonisation of data management across all countries within the European Union.

All companies and organisations that gather, process, manage or store personal data will be covered by the regulation.

The aim is to give EU citizens more transparency and control over their personal data.

The problem for companies comes when someone submits an access request; the company needs to know where the data is stored, how to collect it and how to send it to that person. The company therefore needs to be able at all times to know what data it holds, to locate and access it, to know how it is managed and stored, exchanged and deleted. The company has just 30 days to respond to any request.

If the company fails to comply with the GDPR, it faces a fine of up to 4% of its annual global turnover and can go up to 20 million euros.

All organisations must therefore quickly assess their current data processing systems and implement a response to the new standard. Our solution, MyDPRights will enable you to comply with the GDPR directive.

MyDPRights, data protection made easy!

MyDPRights is the first secure web platform to enable companies and organisations to collect all personal data requests from their customers and thus bring themselves into line with the new GDPR regulation in a simple, effective way.

The platform offers those companies and organisations – and particularly their DPOs (Data Protection Officers) and other data processing managers – a tool they can use to manage requests and deal with them more easily. It helps users to:

  • Centralise requests
  • Meet deadlines: track requests and respond to them within 30 days
  • Keep evidence of the request and the response
  • The consumer/citizen, meanwhile, can track their request, amend it, or submit a request to the company to delete the data it holds.



The current version of the application has been translated into 6 languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch


All requests are logged and accessible at all times


All exchanges use HTTPS over SSL, ensuring that data is encrypted throughout its journey


All requests and responses are centralised in the application

How does it work?

Be ready to manage requests efficiently

We offer a turnkey solution, enabling you get up to speed and compliant as quickly as possible.


Aut sunt putas quorum probarem controversia audiebamus eos nos sed quos omnes inter Epicuri ille.

- Clearstream -

About us

MyDPRights was developed and launched in 2018 by Ainos.

Founded at the end of 2015, Ainos is a dynamic company of experts who are known and recognised on the market for their skills in their respective fields: Application Lifecycle Management, Mobility, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, .NET. Ainos specialises in tailor-made software solutions, and develops processes for operating them to their best advantage.

Aware of the current challenges posed by the GDPR regulation, Ainos decided to develop a turnkey solution for the European market.

Ainos is the sister company of Elgon. Founded in 2008, Elgon earned its position on the highly-competitive IT market with its innovative vision and pragmatic approach.

Elgon is unshakeably customer-focussed, offering high-performance IT solutions to business.

In 2016, Ainos and Elgon joined the POST Luxembourg Group. This involvement has enabled the group to expand its range of skills and services: developing, diversifying, and growing.


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